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Our company is committed to providing the highest quality of medical business services, benefiting the physicians, patients, employees, and communities. For over a decade, Fidelis Recovery Management, LLC has continued to provide a range of services which benefit our customers and clients. We have achieved great success and continued growth over the years by adhering to these simple concepts:

  • Integrity: We act with honesty, responsibility, diligence, and fairness
  • Quality Performance: We anticipate the needs of our clients and their customers, and are committed to continuously improving our processes and delivery methods. This practice improves our customer service to both our clients and our customers
  • Expertise: Our knowledge and years of experience can enhance cutting your cost while recovering the maximum return.
  • Who we work with

    Whether you are a sole practitioner dental practice, an oral surgeon or an orthodontist, we assist businesses as small as one practice and as large as franchise businesses with multiple locations.  We have direct experience and the right solution tailored specifically to benefit your business needs and budget.

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    Fidelis solves this problem with proven collection solutions and guaranteed results. Fidelis offers trained and skilled collections services that will work diligently on decreasing your companies defaulted receivables, while ensuring you receive a larger portion of what you are owed without spending thousands in labor or legal fees to collect on your own accounts. This way your staff’s valuable time and resources can be redirected to your current and insurance pending accounts. We guarantee less stress and increased production.

    Employing Extended Back Office (EBO)

    The back office of your account receivables department holds the key to your organizations financial success. How your account receivables department handles the day to day function of billing, re-billing, and customer interaction can have a positive or negative impact on your cash flow and bottom line.


        • Our EBO is an extension of your business office providing services such as medical billing, medical re-billing, medical eligibility, payer authorization status verification, claim status verification, and account receivables management.
        • EBO brings together advanced technology and skilled people to provide services that streamline your business office and revenue cycle.
        • EBO services can be performed at your site, or ours, or a mix of on-site and off-site services.


    Pre Collection Program (Diplomatic Recovery Program)

    Before an account goes into third party servicing, our staff members are trained to recover delinquent accounts by maintaining a positive relationship with your customers. You have complete control of the level of diplomacy, payment arrangements and settlements received. At best, you retain 100% of every payment generated through this program.


        • We can increase revenue to your business while accelerating direct cash flow from customers.
        • The Fidelis process uses a systematic method of sending a series of strategic notifications to your customers with an emphasis on resolving their obligations.
        • We utilize effective tools to maximize internal recoveries before placing the account into third party collections. Pre-collections is the low cost approach to contacting and reminding customers of delinquency, with high success rates because of aging. The pre collection service is friendly,effective and economical for creditors who wish to provide their customers with one last chance.


    Third Party Servicing

    Outsourcing debt collection services with our company will ensure that your investment with our company is recovered in the most professional and customer service oriented manner. We understand and respect your desire to maintain positive relationships with your clientele.


        • We are 100% focused on collecting your overdue accounts, and our staff is trained in avoiding confrontations and always put the value of your brand first.
        • We are committed to promptly and vigorously recovering your funds using our extensive , proven debt recovery techniques, utilization of sophisticated computer systems and backed by years of experience.
        • Improves revenue from nonpaying accounts allowing your in house team to focus on patient care which saves time and human resources.



    We pride ourselves both in our financial recovery results and our ability to maintain your reputation and relationship with your patients and in the community. We understand how important that is to your practice. Fidelis combines both customer service and collections to ensure our ability to service clients and their patients while understanding different situations in the pursuit of recovering debt.

    Courteous Collections

    Our client-friendly approach and dedication to integrity, accomplishment, teamwork, and knowledge has made us one of the most trusted collections agencies in the nation. Our methods have proven successful over time. Our representative give 100% to ensure we are able to treat and assist your business in being at its best by focusing on your services.

    Quality Service

    Your business is unique, so we will customize a process that works for you, your employees, and your clients with our innovative technologies and extensive industry experience. Our payment options are convenient and affordable with competitive rates so that our services are accessible to any business regardless of size or budget.


    Fidelis Recovery account representatives are trained to comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other federal, state and local consumer protection laws.

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