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Why should you work with Fidelis?

Property owners can quickly end up on the wrong side of thousands of dollars in lost revenue when unfortunate situations and circumstances can leave tenants under contract unable to maintain their contractual obligations. Fidelis is here to help you protect your investment. You deserve to receive appropriate financial restitution. With Fidelis, we offer a licensed and experienced team to contact customers of prior contracts with unresolved debt. Our Mantra is “If we don’t collect, you don’t pay” which means our commission is purely based on whether or not we actually collect a debt. Protect your investment with Fidelis Recovery Management.

Fidelis team has decades of experience collecting debt for property owners and understanding the special challenges that arise when trying to trying to track down tenants in transition. We use cutting edge technology to assist us in locating and contacting your customers. We offer a simple and effective contingency-based program to help you quickly collect more of the money your owed. We offer an array of payment solutions for every one of your customers including; check, debit/credit and the opportunity to pay on our own webite. The convenience of our services makes increases the likeliness of our being able to reach resolution of the most debt possible to put that money back into your company.

Who we work with

Whether you are a sole practitioner dental practice, an oral surgeon or an orthodontist, we assist businesses as small as one practice and as large as franchise businesses with multiple locations.  We have direct experience and the right solution tailored specifically to benefit your business needs and budget.

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Why Fidelis?

• Contingency-based fee model “We don’t collect you don’t pay”. Services are only paid for upon the actual collection of debt. You do not pay if we are not able to collect.

• Experienced, licensed staff

• Our staff is trained and fully compliant with the FDCPA laws and regulations and well versed in acceptable practices revolving debt collection in the United States.

• Best-class technology, including Latitude software. Our special technology caters to the services we provide in our day to day life making it easy and convenient to multi task, thus allowing us to contact and resolve calls in absolution and appropriately address customer concerns in a timely manner.

• Personalized, firm-but-fair approach to debt collection. Our knowledge of customer lifestyles and finances allow us to better assist by offering tailored solutions befitting customer goals and client needs.

Collections Services

Find them and follow-up in a fair manner. That’s how Fidelis approaches your outstanding rental accounts. We use credit reporting, skip-tracing, and effective, user-friendly collection letters and calls to follow-up on your judgments.

Litigation Services

As a licensed Georgia collections agency, Fidelis representatives can appear in court on your behalf to argue your right to collect from tenants.


If needed Fidelis can report to the 3 major credit reporting agencies “TransUnion, EquiFax and Experian”

Contact Management

Naturally we require an abundance of information regarding tenants so that we are able to obtain the most in resolved debt. Having this information assists us with having better knowledge of the customers we are contacting and offers us a better understanding of the current financial status of each and every customer we work with. This information also aids us in individualizing our proceedings in how we approach different customers accordingly. We require information such as;

            • Name and forwarding address
            • Signed lease or judgment Place
            • Place of employment
            • Social Security Number
            • Co-Signer Agreements
            • Damage deposit letter or current statement
            • Settlement options
            • Copies of judgment papers (if already in litigation process)



We pride ourselves both in our financial recovery results and our ability to maintain your reputation and relationship with your patients and in the community. We understand how important that is to your practice. Fidelis combines both customer service and collections to ensure our ability to service clients and their patients while understanding different situations in the pursuit of recovering debt.

Courteous Collections

Our client-friendly approach and dedication to integrity, accomplishment, teamwork, and knowledge has made us one of the most trusted collections agencies in the nation. Our methods have proven successful over time. Our representative give 100% to ensure we are able to treat and assist your business in being at its best by focusing on your services.

Quality Service

Your business is unique, so we will customize a process that works for you, your employees, and your clients with our innovative technologies and extensive industry experience. Our payment options are convenient and affordable with competitive rates so that our services are accessible to any business regardless of size or budget.


Fidelis Recovery account representatives are trained to comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other federal, state and local consumer protection laws.

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